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Accidents sometimes happen. Vehicles do break down and parts need to be replaced. What is your strategy when a vehicle part needs to be replaced or repaired? Do you search for parts online? Do you visit local automotive shops trying to find the cheapest part you can? Were you aware our dealership only use OEM replacement parts with every repair? You can visit our team today in Sanford, Florida to find out more about OEM parts. You can also use the form below to request a specific part. Whether you need brakes, mirrors, bumpers, or other parts, we should be able to help.


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What are the Benefits of OEM Parts vs Aftermarket Parts?

OEM Parts have High Value and Dependability

Why is it so beneficial to order an OEM part and use it as a replacement? You get value and quality. You get dependability. You get a part built by the original manufacturer. They know the exact specifications. They know which part will stand the test of time. They know which material suits that part best. An aftermarket part could be mass produced to fit several different models. Can you imagine finding a part that is built to fit more than just one make or model? It might not fit right.

OEM Brakes and Parts

How is the quality better with OEM parts? Quality is important to owners of Toyota vehicles. An OEM part gives you the opportunity to have your vehicle returned to nearly mint condition. You aren't taking a chance with lesser materials and a potentially questionable aftermarket part. You're getting the exact piece your vehicle was designed to use.

Support from an Established Name

A warranty is an optional feature that gives you a little peace of mind. Most OEM parts come with some type of warranty. Many come with a one year warranty. That means you'll be covered if anything does go wrong. Many aftermarket parts do not come with a warranty. An OEM part also comes with a great deal of support. You can call the manufacturer to ask specific questions related to your vehicle. They'll know the answers because they probably built the vehicle and the part.

Proper Fit and Ease of Replacement

Have you ever tried to put on a part that just didn't fit? You probably knew right away something was amiss. An aftermarket part might not fit with ease. That's why our professional technicians choose to only use OEM parts. They know OEM replacements fit well and go on with ease.

Easy Brake Installations

You can visit our dealership today for more information on OEM parts. We can order whichever part you need. You can also schedule an appointment to meet with our service team. We're always here to provide you with the absolute best care and service. In repair terms, that usually starts with OEM parts.


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