Toyota Connect

In a big move to bring more technology and a better driving experience to Toyota drivers, the company has announced that 2018 is going to be the first year that certain models will experience help from Amazon's Alexa virtual assistant. The software can work on specific infotainment packages already installed on certain Toyota models, and can be used to navigate, play songs, call home or to ask for directions.

For those familiar with Alexa in the home, Alexa in your vehicle will be no different. While only available in a few vehicles in 2018, Toyota is going to bring Alexa into more models for 2019. This is going to be a big year for Toyota, as changes to the navigational system and user interface are going to become voice activated and controlled. People who love this virtual assistant at home are going to enjoy having this technology at their command while driving.

Toyota is a leader in the automotive industry, and using the technology already created by Amazon is a smart move. While some automotive companies have tried to recreate a virtual assistant technology separate from anything that already exists, Toyota sees the wisdom in going with a product that is already loved by people throughout the world. The pairing of Toyota vehicles with Amazon's Alexa is going to change the way Toyota drivers enjoy their experience.

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