Toyota Prius Prime

When you are looking for your next new car, there are all kinds of things you can factor into your decision. Are you someone who likes to feel as though you are driving a tank? Do you like to feel as though you are in something that is going to rip through the city in no time flat? Maybe you're someone who is a bit more analytical when it comes to deciding what kind of car you're going to drive. Perhaps you've even thought about going with something that has a truly impressive gas mileage number but you weren't sure you wanted to go all the way to buying an electric car.

The fact of the matter is that electric cars are quite a bit cooler than you probably ever thought. Even people who think they know all there is to know about electric vehicles might have missed a fact here or a fact there. It turns out there are some pretty fun facts people don't know about Toyota electric vehicles.

1. Electric Cars are Rapidly Increasing in Popularity

While it seems like people who are wanting to be on the cutting edge of the transportation technology are trying hard to show how much they love their electric cars, there was a time that they were considered a silly indulgence. Toyota and other car companies were also less than excited about rechargeable cars. There's a reason you still have some problems finding all that many dealerships that are offering up electric cars. They're getting bigger than they were, now that the technology is getting a bit better and companies are able to make the cars look like regular cars. There was a time when they were boxy and unattractive.

2. SUVs are Going Electric as Well

There was a time when electric cars like the ones that Toyota has put out were in direct competition with gas guzzlers like SUVs. They were in fact created to try and counteract what those bigger and tougher cars were doing to the environment. These days, the technology has gotten so good that they are able to make cars that are SUVs that are also electric. This is a move that seems to indicate sooner or later that all cars are going to at least be some kind of hybrid. In the meantime, the SUVs are the next step in the evolution of electric cars.

3. They're Selling in Bigger and Better Numbers

Now that electric cars have managed to get put into a package that is actually attractive, they are seeing more units sold. The Toyota Prius is one of, if not the most popular models on the market. The model is selling well over 150,000 units per year these days. That's still not a huge number compared to other cars but the numbers are going up all the time.

4. You Can Charge Them Using Your Regular Outlets

While the earliest electric vehicles needed to have special charging ports, the newest models can absolutely be charged at home. You'll need a port that can put out 240 volts, like something you would see for an oven, but it can be done.

5. They Can Be Fast

People assume that these cars aren't going to hit top speeds but the latest electric vehicles are quicker than ever with their ever-improving batteries.

If you are looking to find out more about these vehicles, or even give them a test drive, you can head over to our Toyota dealership and get all the details.

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