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Today's Highly Connected Cars

Recent innovations in connectivity allow today's modern vehicles to be just as well-connected as the houses and phones of the world. Turn on any modern vehicle's dash and you're likely to see a touchscreen monitor that ranges in size from 7" to 12.5" and puts your favorite apps, games, and navigation tools at your fingertips. Want voice command? In most cases, that's exactly what you have. Just like phones and computers, though, modern cars have grown susceptible to something called hacking.

This is when someone maliciously breaks into a network system to steal information and/or simply cause chaos. There's a difference between the hacker who just wants to jumble your radio stations and the hacker who wants to steal your name, phone number, and credit card number. The first one makes life difficult, but the second one can do permanent damage to your life. It's wise to be on the lookout for both!

How To Protect Your Car From Hacking

How do you go about protecting yourself from these troublemakers and thieves? Well, here are just a few suggestions.

  1. Software updates:Software updates are important for your vehicle's network, too. They keep your security system upgraded so that the latest virus definitions and other pertinent security information is up to date with the latest weapons to combat the threats.

  2. Passwords: Hiding your password is another tactic that keeps hackers from ever accessing your car's network and computer systems. Don't display that password! It's likely being broadcast over many of those precious WiFi waves, and one good hacker might be able to see it if they really set their mind to it. And remember, there's not just one hacker out there. There are millions. So keep on your toes and hide that password.

  3. Bluetooth set to off:If you're not currently using Bluetooth in your vehicle, please turn it off. There's no reason to keep Bluetooth on unless you're using it. Data attacks are extremely common via Bluetooth, so if it's not in use set it to off!

  4. Firewall: Just like a firewall can protect your home computer network, they're also handy for your car's network. They can suggest and you can create inbound and outbound rules that keep suspicious connections from ever occurring in the first place. It's your personal wall of protection against the malicious attacks of hackers who would love to steal your information and use it to ruin your life (and to improve their own).

  5. USB Drive scans:Before plugging in a device, make sure you scan the USB drive to make sure you're not going to be transmitting any kind of malicious information across your network. Don't ever leave your information vulnerable to attacks in this way.

Hack Proof Your Car Today

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Using the simple information you've found here, you can begin to prepare your car to be just as hack-proof as your phone and home computer network. Secure your network with firewalls, always scan USB devices, keep your security software and all software up to date in your vehicle, and never keep Bluetooth on unless you're truly using it in some capacity.

If you follow these simple rules, you're going to be able to safely use your vehicle's connectivity without having to worry about an identity thief accessing your information or someone uploading viruses just because they're bored that day. You can learn more about protecting your vehicle from hacking by calling us today. We love to help folks discover the neat connectivity tools in their vehicle and how to keep all that information safe. Call us today for more information.

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