Nightshade Editions

Toyota Unleashes Nightshade Editions

When Toyota announced its Nightshade Edition vehicles, 4Runner fans were delighted. Later on, Toyota announced that it would very soon offer Nightshade Edition vehicles on other popular models and trims, and people were ecstatic. Who doesn't love a "night" type edition of their favorite vehicle? The contrast of the darker "nightshade" features create a standout appearance that will impress friends, strangers, and owners alike. People who buy special editions like the Nightshade Toyota line want something that's not like the rest. They expect certain features will be different from the standard crowd, and Toyota does not disappoint with this line.

What Features are on Nightshade Editions?

Three models have already been announced as part of the Nightshade line. You'll see a Nightshade 4Runner, Camry, and Highlander, and if Nightshade takes off, they'll offer Nightshade editions of still more models. For now, we know quite a bit about the Nightshade line and exactly what you have to look forward to in terms of exclusive features. The 4Runner features blacked out wheels (black 20-inch alloy wheels for a big, bold appearance). Three colors of Nightshade 4Runner are available: Magnetic Gray Metallic, Midnight Black Metallic, and Blizzard Pearl. If you want a Nightshade, you'll need to choose one of these blacked out colors. Black is what it's all about with the Nightshade, though. Be on the lookout for these other features as well:

  • The Highlander gets blacked out wheels
  • Distinct black window trim is on your Highlander as well
  • The Camry gets impressive 18-inch black alloy wheels
  • Camry gets black badging as well
  • Highlander Nightshade features a rear spoiler with the Nightshade label
  • Call Us for Info on Toyota Nightshade Editions

The Toyota Nightshade lineup promises to be one of Toyota's most distinctive styles for the entire year. If you're a customization sort of car or SUV buyer, the Nightshade editions may be just what you're looking for from Toyota. We have personally seen all that the Nightshade editions offer to our customers, and we want to share this option with you. If you're curious, already a fan, or just now found out about it and are excited, please don't hesitate to call us and ask for more information about the exclusive features available on the Toyota Nightshade line of vehicles. We'll be happy to answer all of your questions about Nightshade models.

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