Toyota GR Supra Now Available with Manual Transmission  

Manual Transmission for Toyota GR Supra

The Toyota GR Supra now has it, so you can have manual transmission available for it. Here's some information about the options you can have for these types of vehicles.

Supra Characteristics

Recently, Manual transmission became available on vehicles like the Supra 3.0 and the 3.0 Premium. This is an emphasis on the ability to customize and make these cars out to be the way that you want. Many people want vehicles to have powers like manual transmission so they can feel the drive and the road.

Supra also has options like offering special editions with special new colors. The limited A91 Edition will be available for purchase as well. This will be only for the 2023 time period. The M3.0 edition with the A91 as well as the Premium version will allow you to pick any Supra color you want as well as the new blue color for Stratosphere Blue.

Many have also said that the engineering added to these Toyota vehicles can be felt by enthusiasts. This leads to options like the 3.0 liter 382 horsepower that brings quite a lot of power for what it is. This also allows for pretty light vehicles compared to what is being available complete with the manual transmission. This means that those who want a more hands-on feel will get that ability when it comes to supra vehicles. The gearbox for this vehicle has an intelligent manual transmission option that helps to prioritize performance. It allows you to drive the vehicle like a sports car which is going to be important to those that want to experience the performance viscerally.

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