Toyota Trailhunter Lineup Announced at SEMA  

This year's SEMA event was incredible and unveiled a ton of new vehicles that were exciting to see. There are also some concept automobiles. Trailhunter, GR Corolla Rally Concept, 10-Second Twins, GR86 Daily Drifter, 2023 Simba Sequoia, 2022 Orion Tundra, Sequoia TRD Pro Adventurer, Ultimate Overlanding Sequoia TRD Off-Road, GR86 Cup Car, GR Corolla official NASA Pace Car, FJ49, Megatourer, and Supertourer, are some new Toyotas to look forward These brand-new Toyotas are ones you won't want to pass up. Let's find out more about them!

SEMA Highlights New Toyotas

The upcoming Toyota models are listed below.


The Trailhunter is a brand-new Toyota we're eager to see. It is a new grade offered on Toyota SUVs and pickup trucks. These bad boys will come equipped with overland-ready parts, reinforcements, and functionality.

Corolla rally concept from GR

The GR Corolla Rally Concept is another car that thrills Seminole Toyota. The idea was developed by the Toyota Motorsports Garage team. It's for fans of rally performances.

10-Second Twins

The 10-Second Twins are two 10-second GR Supras with twice as much adrenaline. What could be better than two Toyota Supras from Seminole Toyota The solution is two!

Daily Drifter GR86

The GR86 Daily Drifter is a fascinating new Toyota. It's a drifting automobile that professional drifting fans will love was Larry Chen's concept. It is similar to the purpose-built vehicles that professional drivers like Ryan Tuerck, Ken Gushi, and Frederic Aasbo use in competition while staying within a manageable budget.

The 2022 Orion Tundra and the 2023 Simba Sequoia

The 2010-designed Expedition Overland is presently utilized for the TV series Expedition Overland. These serve as the team's workhorses for show production, transporting everyone across vast distances.

TRD Pro Adventurer Sequoia

This amazing Toyota Sequoia from 2023 was created by Jeff and Jessica Westcott! This vehicle features a custom lift package with a front lift of 3 inches and a rear lift of 1.75 inches.

Sequoia TRD Off-Road: The Ultimate Overlanding

The 2019 Toyota Ultimate Overlanding Sequoia TRD off-road is a fan favorite at Seminole Toyota. A 2023 Toyota Sequoia Limited Off-Road designed for various trails, this process began. It contains two Trek bikes and a rooftop tent from Go Fast Campers.

GR86 Cup Car and the official NASA Pace Car, the GR Corolla

We adore quick sports vehicles here at Seminole Toyota. And that is what each of these vehicles offers. On the GR86 project, Chen fitted a MagnaFlow NEO series cat-back performance exhaust system and an HKS GT2 Supercharger Pro ZD8 kit with an intercooler.

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