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Proper vehicle maintenance is a necessary step that you have to take to keep your vehicle running as intended. When it comes to your engine, you don’t want things to overheat. If they do, you could be in for a rude awakening when it comes to the number of repairs that are going to be needed to bring your vehicle back to working order. Luckily, Seminole Toyota is on your side, and we want to make sure that you get the timely service you need when it comes to an emergency issue like an overheating engine. Bring your vehicle into our dealership in Sanford to have us look at:

Your Cooling System as a Whole

We anticipate that there’s something malfunctioning with your cooling system if your engine is overheating. Unfortunately, there are many interior components that we’ll have to go through to diagnose the problem. Rest assured, we can look at your radiator, hoses, belts, coolant levels, and water pump in a timely fashion.

Your Water Pump

Repairs are often needed for your water pump if your gaskets or bearing have incurred damage because of regular use. Your cooling system uses this pump to push coolant through, and it must be operating at the proper pressure level.

Necessary Radiator Repairs

We need to assume that your radiator isn’t properly radiating heat out of your engine if you notice that your thermostat has an abnormal reading. This can be due to mineral deposits formed on your radiator over time, broken fan blades, broken connections, or damaged hoses.

Your Thermostat as a Whole

There is the potential that your thermostat is just not providing you with a good reading. Still, there could be internal issues that we need to take into account as well—your thermostat functions as a valve that allows coolant through for cooling purposes. If cooling isn’t taking place, coolant may not be found in adequate levels in your engine bay.

Contact Seminole Toyota if you’re worried that your vehicle is overheating. This isn’t an issue that we want you to put off for any length of time, and we’ll make sure that we get you an appointment as soon as possible. We will quickly determine what the issue is, so we can have the necessary repairs performed. This will help get you back on the road in a shorter period.


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